Come Visit the "Maison" Moët & Chandon cellars


Open daily from April 1st to November 18th, 2019

Open from Thursday to Monday from November 21th to December 29th, 2019 (closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Re-opening on February, 3rd, 2020


The shop is open from 9 : 30 am to 5:30 pm (same opening periods as visits)


Pets are not allowed on the tour as it doesn’t comply with our food and beverage regulations.

The Moët & Chandon cellars are an exceptional heritage of the House, the unique testimony of several centuries of winemaking. Guardians of a real treasure, they represent the talent and the work of several generations of men and women.

The cellar visit, led by our interpreters, will invite you to discover the Moët & Chandon expertise of our oenologists and the legacy of a know-how developed over time and passed through several generations of cellar masters.



If you wish a private tour or a reception in one of our historical venues, please contact us directly by mail at


Every Vintage is the free and personal interpretation of our cellar-master, revealing the identity of the harvest.

Following the visit of our cellars, fall in love with the smoothness and freshness of our Grand Vintage white and rosé.

Visit of the cellars and savour a tasting of our new vintage champagnes : 1 h 30

Adult / Grand Vintage Tour

45,00 €

Teenager (10-17 years) / Grand Vintage Tour

10,00 €

Children under 10 years old / Grand Vintage Tour

0,00 €


Walk in the steps of our illustrious guests and discover our historical cellars along with the Impérial range. Combine the iconic Moët Impérial with the glamourous Moët Rosé to reveal the perfect expression of Moët & Chandon's style.

Visit the cellars and enjoy a glass of both the Moët Impérial and Rosé Impérial : 1h15

Adult / Imperial Tour

32,00 €

Teenager (10-17 years old) / Imperial Tour

10,00 €

Children under 10 years old / Imperial Tour

0,00 €


Enter the heart of our House, Moët & Chandon and let us take you on a journey in the myriad of our galleries where the bubbles come to life. Be it your first experience or rediscovering, the Moët Impérial, created in 1869, will lead you into the world of Moët & Chandon's unique style.

Visit the cellars and partake in a glass of our Moët Impérial : 1h15

Adult / Traditional Tour

25,00 €

Teenager (10-17 Years old) / Traditional Tour

10,00 €

Children under 10 years old / Traditional Tour

0,00 €